lpe.pngAt Le Petit Event we create Communication and PR campaigns connecting the dots world wide.

We manage, design and create campaigns with the highest efficiency and precision worldwide with a focus on emerging markets in Africa.

We use our international skill set, worldwide pool of contractors and staff to make your communication outstanding.
Our clients discover world-class and elite services that reflect the exact dimension of their ideas.

Connecting Dots Between the Worlds of Opportunities

We live and understand African and European mindsets, and we combine the best of the both worlds. Those insights rest on solid foundations blending German efficiency, British Efficiency, French Savoir Vivre with African flavours.

We have an international skill set, distinguished knowledge, large network of captain of industries, influencers, governments, decision makers, Media in Africa and Europe. Our strong commitment make us the number one trusted partner in Africa and for European companies looking to immerse into the fast-growing markets of Africa.

Innovative Customisation. Powerful Results.

We are proud of our streamlined process, developed over years which brings every project to the core vision of the client. We carefully analyse the initial idea to deliver astounding PR & Communication with an exceptional result:

  • We approach each client with fresh eyes and unlimited creative ideas
  • We plan, design, and execute every concept according to individual personality and corporate identity
  • We frame each communication to keep the original concept alive while adding an original touch.

The Whole of Luxury Event. One Single Implementation.

We shape your communication and image from the first meeting to the D-day with efficiency and transparency.You get a high schedule performance and attention for every detail with stylish accessories. Our thorough expertise brings us the support of several governments in Africa and we are happy to work with them on a regular basis.

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